Monday, August 11, 2008

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

D- click ads

Earn money with D-click ads
Using the dclickads system companies can drive traffic to their website through the ever expanding publisher inventory. If you have a new site or your product or service has been around for years, there is always a need for more traffic and more popular!
As an advertiser when you signup for our services you can have complete control over where your text link, banners, or even inline ads are placed. Pricing is determined by the publisher themselves and you decide which publishers are best for your campaign. We act as a broker/agency between you the company and the millions of sites out there.
For Advertisers you can:

Order Banners Purchase Text Links,Purchase full page advertorials,Browse Inventory and preview placement or let us do it for you,Cancel anytime and ads are removed,No Long term contracts

Publisher - those who create web sites and are looking to generate additional income, you can utilize our services to increase your profits. Its very simple to get started, simply register for an account and add your publisher profile.
Once you have created your profile, you will then receive notices in your email box for ad offers to be placed. If you agree to place the ad, you will receive instructions on the ad to be placed. If you do not wish to place the ad, simply decline the request. Once you have published your advertising to be placed, 30 days after, you will be paid via paypal.
For Publishers you can:

Offer banners, text links, or advertorials

Set your own monthly pricing

No confusing software to install, advertisements are placed by hand by you

Accept or reject any offer

Payouts made to you via paypal

Easy to get started

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